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“Thank you! This webinar was very helpful and brought us together!”  S.W.

“Great time! My wife and I had an evening of companionship and closeness. This webinar helped to deepen our marriage by reminding us how much we appreciate and admire each other. Thanks Chana!”  P.T.

“Chana, thank you very much for an amazing webinar!!! We drank some wine, learned a lot and reconnected with each other.”  R.L.

“Thank you. I enjoyed your webinar tremendously. I gained a lot of insight and tips, which I have already found helpful in allowing me to learn how to be accepting of my husband’s differences. It has given us opportunities to talk about our differences and do exercises together. It has most definitely brought us together. We have two young kids, which makes it very difficult to find time to spend together (especially since my husband works in the evenings) so this was an incredible opportunity.” Y.T.

“Awesome webinar!   It was a pleasure to listen to all of your wisdom!” J.R.

“Thank you so much for the excellent webinar. I really feel like my wife and I got so much out of it. I’m so glad we were able to participate.” B.W.


“Thank you, enjoyed so much :)” B. N.