“So many people have stopped believing in love, in marriage and in their ability to create a loving marriage.  My passion is to help people trust themselves, their ability to choose the right partner and their ability to create a lasting and profound marriage”.


Chana Levitan, MSc, is an educator, speaker, marriage therapist and author with over twenty-five years of teaching and counseling experience. Her best-selling book I Only Want to Get Married Once is a clear and practical guide to choosing the right marriage partner. Translated into Chinese and Romanian, this book is making a huge, positive impact in this world.

Chana has lectured extensively across the globe on five different continents and has counseled thousands of men and women on dating and marriage. She is a frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, including WCBS 880 and WLS 890.  Chana has recently launched her second book, “That’s Why I Married You”—a practical guide for couples to not only learn to live with their personality differences but to actually love with their differences.

Chana is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist with a Master’s Degree in clinical sociology and family counseling, with an emphasis on Family Systems Theory. She believes that a good marriage has many lives; it really is a dynamic, evolving process.  This is wonderful truth that couples with ‘staying power’ reveal to themselves and to others; a truth that (sadly) many people might never know and Chana is dedicated to getting this message across to as many people as possible.  Chana’s goal is to teach people to choose the right partner before (sealing the deal), and then ‘be’ the right partner (after the deal is sealed).

Chana loves people, music and nature; she and her husband grab every opportunity to hike and camp.  Chana’s greatest passion is to give people the tools they need to trust themselves and their abilities to create their successful marriages.