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5 Part Course: The 4 Essential Tools for a Loving Marriage (Value $397)


When Your Past Meets Your Present, Mp3 (Value $97); Self Esteem, Marriage Esteem—with a Spiritual Twist (Value $97); Breaking Free From Limiting Negative Patterns, Mp3 (Value $97); The 4 Essential Tools WORKBOOK (Value $97); 30-minute consultation with Chana Levitan (value $97)






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5 Part Course: The 4 Essential Tools for a Loving Marriage






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I had never heard of Chana Levitan but I did her workshop anyway. Now I tell everyone I know…you never heard of Chana Levitan? You MUST do her marriage webinar, it is a life changer!   THANK YOU for this gift!



Here’s my testimonial: Chana’s marriage class was fantastic. In the 5 weeks of the course my marriage did get better just as she said it would if you do the work. I am extremely grateful to her. Chana is a pleasure to listen to, she is very organized and explains deep concepts in simple terms. She is open to all questions, wants to help and really cares. I highly recommend her class as it was the best class I have ever taken.

Thank you Chana for being a great inspiration.



I was hesitant to spend a lot of money on an online marriage seminar. I didn’t think I could gain enough to justify the cost. Now that I made the decision to give it a try, I can’t believe how wrong I was. The marriage seminar clarified for me so many of the mistakes that I made and provided me with many tools to avoid these mistakes and build healthy relationships in the future. I can’t thank you enough.



Your classes have opened up doors for us- thank you!

M. and S.


I’ve been married for 27 years…I wish I had heard this webinar a LONG time ago. I wasted many, many years trying to change my spouse. This course is fabulous; I look forward to reviewing all of the sessions so as to further apply all of the material to my life. Thank you!



THIS was an amazing workshop. I think it’s a must-attend for everyone who wants to be happily married. The information I learned is helping me navigate the challenges I have in my marriage, in particular, in the area of communication. Marriage sure takes a lot of work but now I feel that I have tools. I plan to listen to the recordings 4x so that the info gets into my bones.



I really enjoyed your workshops! You gave me a new perspective on marriage, especially about how our differences make us a better couple by complementing each other. Thank you for giving us great tools and a greater awareness of what a growing marriage looks like.



Thank you for your eye opening workshop. The section on communication was worth the price of the workshop itself. I had always heard about “I language” but no one ever explained it in the clear, practical way that you did. Now, thanks to your workshop I have this “I language” thing down and it is improving all of my relationships.



Thank you for creating this course, please share my testimonial: The 4 essential tools for a loving marriage created by Chana Levitan is an inspiring and helpful course for navigating the differences between husband and wife.  It helped me recognize how these differences can be a positive factor for improving my marriage and provided tools and wonderful examples to help me start to understand and use these tools.  Chana’s presentation methods, slides and exercises were easy to follow and really helped me understand the principles in creating a loving marriage. I wish I had met Chana years ago and started this program earlier on in my marriage.



Chana Levitan has used her vast experience and profound insights to create a viable system of sorting out your marriage and getting it back on its feet. It’s so much easier for me to make real changes when I am able to understand in a deeper way what marriage is all about and what goes into a working, enjoyable marriage. Chana is able to help you bring it down into real life through guided exercises she has put together. This experience has been very clarifying for both of us and has helped us to make a lot of progress in our marriage.  Thank you Chana!



This course is definitely a rare and valuable commodity worth its weight in gold.



We have learned so much from Chana Levitan’s workshop. It was so full of content. While every class was full of new ideas she always found the time to drive home the basics of the previous class. This way the major messages were deepened week after week. The consultation was amazing. She could open up my husband in a minute and first time after many years I felt my husband also ready to work for a fantastic marriage. Thank you!

B & W


The webinar was great! We really loved it and found it both helpful and insightful, really allowing us to connect over some things that were either never discussed or never touched on in that in-depth way. Loved the ability to ask questions right then and there as well. I particularly loved the exercise where we had to imagine ourselves as the other, feel like it put me in his shoes in a unique way and opened the door for greater conversation.



I thought the webinar was amazing. I think the best aspect was learning about Symbiosis and the fear that can be created once you leave the fantasy island and realize that you and your spouse are two different people with different likes and drives. And that it’s OK to be different and to not let that bother you. It had a big impact and I especially liked when you said that marriage is not a mutually changing process and that it can me a one side doing unilateral change. Thank you!