“Chana Levitan is a guaranteed hit with all of our leadership fellows each year at our international convention. Chana has a way of connecting to everyone, inspiring people to grow, to want a better life and to find practical ways to do that. Finally she has put some of her wisdom and experience in a book (which sells out at every lecture) and is able to help guide people even when she is not physically present. Chana’s style is humorous, punchy, extremely warm and witty. If you get a chance to host her, read her book or meet with her individually—don’t miss it. It can change your life.”
Jackie Engel, MAPS
Psychologist, Director of Jewish Student Leaders Initiative and Souled

“Chana Levitan came to our island Jewish community and addressed our women’s group – women who come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds – very successfully. She was insightful and warm. She was funny. She was interesting. She was real. She was on target. All the women were glued, hanging on to her every word. An extra treat was the musical portion of her presentation, which introduced an intimacy and emotional quality that enhanced the evening enormously.

We feel privileged and fortunate to have had Chana Levitan come and address our group. May she continue to inspire men and women everywhere!”

Perl Krasnjansky
Chabad of Hawaii

“Chana Levitan led a few of the BAYIT Love and Dating workshops for singles, with great success. After each seminar/retreat (led by Chana), the organization received extremely positive feedback from participants—replete with requests to host her again as the main speaker. Participants found her talks extremely interesting inspiring and eye opening, and felt that her workshops really provided them with guidance, clarity, wisdom and direction in their dating and/or relationships.

Chana is extremely professional, knowledgeable and an expert in her field. She delivers outstanding lectures and connects well to her audience. In her flowing, interesting and pleasant way, Chana gives over essential interpersonal skills and guidance for better dating, relationships and personal comprehension and growth.
Chana was tremendously helpful to many singles who before her consultation felt confused, had difficulties in decision making, were clueless about what they are really looking for in a partner or who they really are. With her advice and practical guidance, Chana helped many singles to acknowledge their flaws, recognize their goals in life and move forward in their lives with more confidence and understanding of themselves and what they are looking for.

BAYIT is extremely thankful and grateful to Chana for the great work she had done in former Seminars/retreats and is looking forward to future Seminars with her presence.”
Bayit Organization: Vienna, Austria
Moshe and Tova Starik

“Chana Levitan was invited to Johannesburg South Africa by Shidduch SA. After doing our own independent research, Mrs. Levitan was our first choice to inform and educate South African singles according to our mandate. Over the course of her stay, we placed Mrs. Levitan across all religious affiliations, genders and ages. At our main event for single girls, Mrs. Levitan spoke about her book and gave over fresh, humorous tips on relationships and dating successfully for marriage.

The week with Mrs. Levitan was a resounding success. Every audience gained and grew from her talks. Mrs. Levitan was professional, energetic and never unnerved. She had the wild teenagers eating out of her hand, and young singles booking her up for private consultations. The social workers’ and professionals’ forum too, was successful, with many buying her book for further exploration.

Chana made numerous connections with people of all ages and backgrounds: e-mails were swapped; a very troubled teenager found refuge in Mrs. Levitan, and so began her healing; an older single, who had been dating for several years, opened herself up to mentoring by Mrs. Levitan, took her advice and is now married.”
Mr. Vivian Taback

Dear Chana,

Thank you SO MUCH again for all that you have been doing for Lisa (not real name) and myself.  It’s really an honor to have you by our side, helping us become stronger, better people. You should just continue doing good for others like you have for us. YOU ROCK!!!

New Jersey

Dear Chana,

This is going to sound weird but you ruined my plans.  I had already filed for divorce and was “done” with my marriage.  My wife dragged me to you and I said that I’d give it one more shot.  Glad I did!  You literally turned our marriage around, or to use your phraseology, you helped us turn our marriage around. I will be forever grateful.


Dear Chana,

We wanted to express our profound gratitude for your time, guidance and investment in our marriage. We both gained a tremendous amount from our time with you. Thank you so, so much.

L & R

Dear Chana,

I did it!  I am married…after all of these years of dating! I have been wanting to write to you to first of all update you, but mostly to say a big thank you for helping me so much. You’ll never know how valuable your input and guidance have been and I’m truly grateful. You’re so special.

South Africa

Dear Chana,

I have some fantastic news to share with you because just recently my girlfriend and I got engaged.  I would like to thank you for your time and guidance in helping go past my own barriers in starting our next chapter of our lives together.  We are very excited and looking forward to becoming married, starting a family and also helping and giving back to others.

I know this is just the beginning for me, as I continue to work on myself to grow, make progress, and remind myself everyday it’s now all about us and we, no longer just I or me!  Your book, “I only want to get married once” was instrumental in helping me better understand the true meaning of love and giving myself to someone else.  I plan to read your book every 6 months as a reminder to help guide me in my new life with my fiance.

Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.


P.S. Here’s a picture of the night I proposed to her.

From the moment we met Chana Levitan it was clear that she cared so strongly about us as a couple. She was in it for us and that showed strongly. Chana is  ‎one of a kind. Someone who truly is there to help.

The imago sessions with Chana changed the way we look at one another. She has a unique ability to help each person see the other in a positive and understanding light, while still feeling confident to express oneself honestly. Through working with Chana, we were able to improve our communication appreciation and understanding of each other.

M & J

Dear Chana,

I am 34.  Before I read your book and worked with you as a dating coach, I didn’t even realize what I was doing.  I just went out with guys, based on what they looked like.  I never thought about values and goals, just gave into the infatuation.  Three and a half years into my relationship with my ex-fiancee, I started to realize that we didn’t share the same values.  He didn’t even believe in the institution of marriage but just went along with it…until 3 weeks before our wedding when he called it off.  Now that I have absorbed your teaching and wisdom, the first thing I think about when I meet a guy is, “Where is he going?  What does he want in life”?  I find myself wondering, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?  Why didn’t my parents…my school…my pre-marriage counselor(!) teach me these most important truths???”

Thank you for changing my life.  I look forward to letting you know when I do find the right one.

London, England