Review of Chana Levitan’s “I Only Want to Get Married Once” on PsychologyToday.com

Dr. Susan Heitler Ph.D shares her thoughts on my first book ‘I Only Want to Get Married Once’, here.  Dr. Heitler is a clinical psychologist and an author of multiple books, articles, audio cd’s and videos.  A regular blogger on Psychologytoday.com, Dr. Heitler is best known in the therapy community for having brought understandings of conflict resolution from the legal and business mediation world to the professional literature on psychotherapy.  I highly recommend her books The Power of Two and Prescriptions Without Pills.

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Marriage skeptics and hopefuls alike, please read “I Only Want To Get Married Once: Dating Secrets for Getting It Right the First Time”, a fool-proof book that will test the potential of your relationship, dating life and maybe even yourself. Continue reading…

Women’s Health Magazine

Faye Brennan from Women’s Health Magazine interviewed me for a fascinating article she was writing on relationships. Check out the article here.

The Voice of Jewish Washington

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I Only Want to Get Married Once, by Chana Levitan. A practical and accessible guide for those wishing to cut through the haze of infatuation that often begins romantic relationships and figure out if that guy or gal is right for you. The Jerusalem-based author and counselor hopes to give people the tools they need “to create a successful marriage…the first time around.” Her advice can also be used to help with problems in a current relationship or understand a past divorce.

Midwest Book Review

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Ranking up divorces isn’t many people’s ideas of a good time. “I Only Want to Get Married Once: Dating Secrets for Getting It Right the First Time” is a guide for those who want to avoid the worst aspects of marriage and dating to help find people find what they really want in a spouse and to see if their potential mate will still be loved after the honeymoon is over. “I Only Want to Get Married Once” is a top pick for those who hold divorce as the last thing they want.

Mazal Tov from The Jewish Press

By Prof. Livia Bitton-Jackson
The Jewish Press

Recently I came across a book with a rather puzzling title: I Only Want To Get Married Once (Gefen Publishing). The subtitle helps to solve the puzzle, explaining what this book is all about: Dating Secrets for Getting It Right the First Time.

As I turned the pages, my amazement turned to wonder: how could a young woman possess so much wisdom that she was able to compile a remarkable list of advice. How could one woman help singles gain the confidence to steer through the decision-making process of dating and guide them toward Continue reading…

Emunah Magazine

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Chana Levitan, the author of this new paperback, has tackled an important subject. With an increasing divorce rate, even in our own communities, she offers her 22 years of experience mentoring, educating, and enlightening people in order to guide them through the dating process and in finding real potential in their relationships. She clearly elucidates her advice with easy-to-read guidelines and anecdotes, suggesting essential questions that need to be asked before and during the dating process. She wants to guide the reader into “getting it right the first time.” She describes the right frame of mind to realize what is needed to help yourself with the decision process during dating, as well as what you need to build a loving marriage. she lives with her husband in Jerusalem and has counseled thousands of women and men.

How many times do you want to get married? Pointers on how to get it right the first time


A young man recently told me about his cousin who was engaged to a particular girl. This cousin’s father confronted his son about the numerous things he disliked about his fiancé and pointed out the many flaws in their relationship. “Don’t worry, Dad,” his son responded, “this is only my first marriage.”

His son is already divorced three times. Continue reading…

We’re in this together

By: Shulamis Levy

Through her extensive and charismatic projections on marriage today Chana Levitan is attracting massive audiences around the world, while at the same time promoting her new book I Only Want To Be Married Once, which has been a runaway success. During a visit to London last week, her talks attracted those just engaged, dating and curious mothers with their equally curious daughters.

Continue reading…

Date like a Mensch

BY: HABITZA – Date like a Mensch

Deena: How did you get into the field of relationship coaching?

Chana:  As an educator of Judaic studies, the particular subjects I focus on are and have always been, relationships and character development.  Because these subjects are so personal, many of my students approach me after class, to discuss their dating situations.  These discussions led me to develop my material, and to fine tune my research in both Judaic and secular texts.   By now, after 24 years of teaching, I have counseled literally thousands of people.   My years of research and experience in this field evolved into my book, “I Only Want to Get Married Once.” Continue reading…